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Control Panels

  What Is A Control Panel?
A Control Panel is software installed on a dedicated server or virtual private server that simplifies the management and administration of web hosting. A Control Panel automates a large number of tasks such as controlling email boxes, FTP accounts, databases, web statistics and more, through an easy-to-use graphical interface such as your web browser. Control panels allow someone with little experience quickly and easily create web sites, email boxes, and even become a web hosting reseller.

  What Exactly Does A Server Hosting Control Panel Do?
Server hosting control panels make managing your dedicated server or virtual private server much easier through point and click simple interfaces. They automatically set up and manage applications like web, mail, FTP, and database servers complete with an easy-to-use web browser interface. Control panels provide web browser interfaces which allow you to set up accounts for staff, friends, customers, and manage all aspects of your server without having to be an expert with computers or web servers.

  Do I Need A Server Hosting Control Panel?
If you are utilizing the Linux operating system, in most cases the answer is "yes" due to the complexities (and power) of that operating system. Those utilizing the Microsoft Windows Server operating system have a built-in easy to use control panel already through the Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) system so when deciding if you need a more powerful hosting control panel for Windows Server, it really depends if you need the specific features and end-user manageability of a premium control panel.

  Which Control Panel Is Right For Me?
Each hosting control panel does pretty much the same basic functions as mentioned above, however each has its own custom features and software abilities that make it unique. Every control panel offered by TurnKey Internet has already been tested and certified 100% compatible for your dedicated server or virtual private server -- so the right fit for you depends on your particular preference, the purpose of or the server, and which operating system you plan to utilize.


cPanel with WHM (Web Host Manager) is considered to be the industry standard in server control panels. Filled with more features and options than any other control panel on the market today, cPanel is the premier control panel for web masters and web hosting companies. cPanel is ideal if you plan to resell web hosting, or manage multiple staff, friends, and customer accounts all on the same server. If you plan to install customized versions of php, mysql and apache, cPanel is your first choice, with its easy-to-use software version support and installation system. The web interface is filled with many options so expect to take a few hours to become familiar. cPanel is the most powerful and flexible control panel available today. You can install an unlimited number of domains (no license limits) on this control panel. Read more

cPanel is available for Linux operating systems.

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Designed for web hosting and server automation, the award-winning Plesk control panel provides an easy-to-use interface, profitable access to applications and a completely integrated provisioning, billing and content management system for your business. With single-click access to hundreds of applications, an integrated site-building tool and fully automated billing, Plesk enables your business to introduce new services and extend existing services quickly and conveniently. Plesk offers granular control, important functionality such as server health monitoring tools, convenient upgrade and migration tools, and control of user experiences with role-based access to functionality. Read more

Plesk is available for Linux & Windows operating systems.

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DirectAdmin is web hosting control panel software, similar to cPanel, that lets you administer your web site and hosting options using a graphical, web-based interface. You can manage an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, etc. using a DirectAdmin control panel. DirectAdmin automates tasks so that web servers can be easily shared and give web site owners a way to quickly set-up and manage web sites. Read more

DirectAdmin is available for Linux operating systems.

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